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An Ode To Rosemary

Rosemary is my favorite herb. of. all. time. It is so savory, flavorful, and always a perfect addition to chicken or foccacia. Plus it makes a nice name for an old lady.

Herbs really make or break a dish. You can’t make good guacamole with no cilantro. Or curry with no tumeric. Rosemary isn’t really like that, but I like those examples. Rosemary is just good by itself. Which is why I love it. Plus, the health benefits are fantastic. It is super duper high (for similar herbs in its class) in Read the rest of this entry »

The Many Layers of Onion

Ah, the beloved onion. What’s not to love? Besides adding good flavor to food, it makes people laugh. It makes people cry. It makes people able to understand each other. And it makes people healthy. All interesting things, but for our salubrious purposes, let’s focus on the last one. Read the rest of this entry »